Friday, October 19, 2012

P.L. Jones’s THE BLUE

Today I have the pleasure of talking about my client’s newly released book, The Blue.

What would happen if the Mayan prophecy were true, and the world was going to end in a month? P.L. Jones’s book dares to take readers down that road. Set in December 2012, the book begins with a virus that wipes out 99.9 percent of the world’s population. Those few that survive are physically no longer the same. Now a band of survivors led by Sam, the book’s protagonist, must forge a new future in this post-apocalyptic world. The only problem is that in this new world some of the remaining inhabitants are more interested in carnage than cooperation, and one such individual is coming for Sam and her group.

You can find The Blue, by P.L. Jones, at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The book is both a great read for those who are looking for a thrilling adventure to fit the Halloween mood, and those that love a good post-apocalyptic story. But remember, you may only have another month to read it before the Mayan calendar runs out . . .

The back flap of The Blue:
A viral pandemic swept through the world, killing 99.9 percent of its human inhabitants. The virus took people quickly; the world didn’t have time to react. It was December 2012. The virus was able to transform some survivors. Molten eyes, increased strength, and a capacity for healing, Sam and her fellow survivors undertook the task of surviving in a hostile, unpredictable world. Meanwhile the blackness was coming for them as he ignited a trail of destruction throughout the country.

An excerpt from The Blue:
During the reaping, a few fixated scientists stayed to work over the weekend. These few remaining researchers had tried to isolate the virus using blood samples flown in. They had struggled in vain to distinguish the characteristics of the unknown pathogen. They knew it was contagious; it didn’t affect animals and killed within three days of contact. It was found in all body fluids and could be easily contracted. A simple kiss could infect and kill you. They couldn’t figure out its geneses. They had no record of the virus on any database. It was a new pathogen of unknown origin. The scientists were unable to identify and categorize the nemesis that was exterminating mankind.

About the Author
P.L. Jones has a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and is working in a level one trauma center, in the emergency department. She is an avid reader who wanted to experience a realistic, passionate story, full of colorful, deep characters—and so she wrote it. Jones was motivated to create a storyline based on real possibilities. She resides in Alberta, Canada with her three dogs.

Up Next
P.L. Jones will answer some interview questions on my upcoming blog post. If you have any questions for the author, please post them below, and I’ll make sure to include them.

Laura Carlson, Editor
American Editing Services

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  1. This one sounds good and looks good. What a cover! I'm halfway through Spillover, about infectious diseases, so this is going to be my next read. Congratulations, Laura, on helping get The Blue publisher-ready.