Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a fantastic Thanksgiving and everyone outside of the U.S. is enjoying the weekend so far.

I’m breaking a small promise by writing this post. I know I told you all I wouldn’t be posting until Monday, but I’ve been out of town for the last three days and away from all technology—which felt absolutely wonderful! However, now my inbox is about to explode. So today and tomorrow I’m beginning the task of getting back to all of you. I wanted to let you know that I am not ignoring you, and I am sorry for making you wait.

Thank you all for the wonderful messages. (My ego and I are extremely grateful.) I’m also happy that I recently acquired a bunch of talkers. I love you guys—you keep me on my toes! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and try to not let that tryptophan get in the way of your writing!

Happy writing,

Laura Carlson, Editor
American Editing Services

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