Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mario Madness Charity Event!

Hi everyone,

I hope your week is going well! I wanted to make a brief announcement about a charity event American Editing Services sponsored that benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Mario Madness is a weekend long tournament that starts tomorrow. It’s a three day video game marathon event that’s live streamed—but that’s not the best part. One hundred percent of every donation goes straight to St. Jude.

Here’s the site’s official “About” page:

Mario Madness is a 3-Day video game marathon where our team will play Mario video games spanning from the original title to the most current generation. The twist? The entire event will be broadcast live for everyone’s enjoyment!
The way this event will benefit St. Jude is that the more donations that we are able to collect on our website during the event, (all donations on the website go directly to St. Jude) the more Mario video games that will be unlocked for our team to play. Furthermore, as certain donation goals are met, we would like you, the audience, to suggest for members of the team or the entire team to do things to keep everyone entertained (keep it tasteful please!).

For more information, check out the Mario Madness website here!

Happy writing,

Laura Carlson, Editor
American Editing Services

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