Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book Announcement: Icarus Incident

I have another book to announce today! Author Nathan Hart released his first novella, Icarus Incident. For those of you who like science fiction novels, this is fantastic read. Here’s a little more about it:

Book Desription
After seven years of hard labor on a desolate moon, Nick Fleming is coming home. Unless his employers murder him first.

Weeks away from completing his contract with Pinehurst’s Mining Industries, he's set to collect the lucrative contract completion bonus and fly back to his family on the home planet. But rumor has it Pinehurst is swimming in debt. And a lot of miners about to finish their contracts have succumbed to mysterious accidents. Fleming remains under the radar until another accident nearly crushes him. Looks like he’s the next target.

However, as Fleming is glancing in all directions before taking a step down the hall, he’s told an industrial spy has landed on the mining colony with the latest batch of mining recruits. Fleming’s new partner, Lyons, has been asking a lot of questions and sneaking around restricted areas, but is he really a mole? If he is, Pinehurst could be exposed, and every miner including Fleming will lose everything he has worked for.

Maybe if he surrenders Lyons to Pinehurst, Fleming has a prayer of surviving his last few weeks on the moon. But if he harbors Lyons secret, the mole will destroy Fleming’s future and give Pinehurst yet another reason to kill him. Either way, it’s unlikely he’ll ever leave the moon alive.

Author Bio: Nathan Hart
A down-to-earth space author who loves super heroes and Vulcans. He's loved stories about spaceships and super heroes for years. Now he's the one who is writing about them.

Happy writing,

Laura Carlson, Editor
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