Monday, November 25, 2013

Book Review: Affairs of the Heart

Happy Monday to you all! It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me, and I’ve been away because I’ve been working on an editing book! I can’t tell you too much about it yet, but I will have more information on it in the future.

Today I want to introduce Affairs of the Heart, by Janice Willett. Before I begin, a word on the subject matter of this book. Religion in general and prophesying in particular are often taboo subjects. Most people already have passionate and immutable beliefs on these topics, which makes discussing them difficult. So, I ask that all of you readers—both those who believe and those who are critical—keep an open mind.

Affairs of the Heart is an extraordinary account of messages Janice received from God. The book takes the reader on a journey through Janice’s experiences, from when she received her first messages—and scrambled to understand what certain words (such as torii) meant, to figuring out just what God wanted from her and from us all. 

And, to all those skeptics out there: I actually had to cross reference the research to make sure historical and linguistic references were accurate, and I ended up discovering additional, supporting evidence (which the author was unaware of beforehand and had not previously included in the manuscript) that supported the messages she received. 

Praise for Affairs of the Heart

“Janice Willett is a compassionate and deeply spiritual person. In this book she has written about some of her amazing experiences, showing yet again that there may be more sorts of things in the world than are dreamt of in our philosophies!”
—George Hunsinger, Princeton Theological Seminary.
“After thirty years of being a devoute spiritual seeker, I must tell you that your words deeply resonated within me as only the truth can. Other than reading the Aramaic translations of Christ's words, the Bible, or the Course in Miracles, I have otherwise never felt Jesus' Spirit radiate so undeniably from the written word.”
—John J. Grande, CFP 

About the Author
I am a faith based author who sees myself as just an ordinary person. As I can’t even quote scripture, I question why God chose me for this endeavor … and the answer I get is because I listen and follow directions. I feel that not remembering scripture has actually been a blessing, because what I hear is pure and not confused by any of my thoughts (which is obvious because I had to constantly look up the meaning to words in the dictation, and also that anyone who knows me knows I cannot and do no speak in such a manner as these inspirations read).

As Father Williams labeled me, I am an intercessor in any way that God deems necessary at the time. I intercess for people here and those who have passed and are lost. I intercess from God to individuals also, relaying His divine words to them. I have interceded with those troubled in life, for those dying, diagnosing the ill (many times before they even know they are sick). I bring peace and closure between those who have passed and the living.
Many events are not on demand, they are just presented in God’s time.

My greatest wish is to be alive when Jesus returns in the hopes that I can wash His feet with my hair … it would be such an honor (and so I chose the Confirmation Name Mary Magdalene).

In addition to writing, I enjoy designing landscapes, playing the piano, biking, golfing and various other sports.

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