About the Editor: Laura Carlson

Laura Carlson is a professional freelance editor based out of Santa Barbara, California, and founder of her editing company, American Editing Services.

Her editing experience spans the last five years and includes multiple published articles, grant proposals, academic articles, theses, and personal statements. However, her main skill is editing books. Since officially launching her editing services in July 2012, three of her clients have signed on with literary agents, one has signed on with a small publishing house, and five have published their novels.

She is currently a professional member of the American Copy Editors Society and a member of Agent Query Connect. She regularly attends writers conferences to remain informed on the industry and to give professional feedback to writers.

She is a huge believer in having a reflexive dialogue during the editing process and encourages her clients to ask questions and communicate frequently.

Because she cannot get enough of words, when not editing, Laura loves poking her head into a new book and writing and editing her own stories. She lives with her partner, author Dan Rix, in Santa Barbara, California.

When not blogging, you can find her at her website, American Editing Services, or at her local haunt, Agent Query Connect, where she critiques query letters.
 For those savvy social networkers, you can find American Editing Services registered on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, and Google+.

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